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What clients and coworkers have to say:

Noah is amazing. He is one of the most kind and genuine people that I have worked with in a long time. He is efficient and dedicated and works hard to make sure that your vision for your logo comes a reality. I highly recommend him.

— Tyler G., Founder of Give Back California

Working with Noah Barron on website development was a snap!  He instantly understood everything we were trying to achieve and had great suggestions. He was very calm under an extremely tight deadline and delivered the site on time and on budget. In addition to the website, he helped us create a coordinating print ad that really maximized our exposure to our core audience. I look forward to working with him again.

— Andrea B., Marketing Director at Robbins|Reed

Noah is a spectacular designer that we have used regularly for many months. Even though he is freelance, he really feels like part of the department and part of the family. He is insanely quick to respond to requests and the work is always of the highest quality, and I am a very hard client to please! 😉 Highly recommended!!

— Cameron P., VP of Marketing at Airpush

I had the great pleasure working with Noah Barron as a copywriter/ designer team on several sections of the West Marine annual catalog and the company newsletter, among other projects. He was a fantastic and supportive partner on these efforts. All his work was done ahead of schedule and with great flair. I wish I had an excuse to work with him again and would highly recommend him.

— Dan M., Director of Marketing at Pep Boys

Noah is a very intelligent and talented individual with a lot of drive. He was instrumental in supporting many product launches with online and print creatives. Noah is personable, passionate and easy to work with. He is an asset to any organization.

— Jeff C., Director of Product Marketing at ESET North America

Noah is great to work with because he makes you think. He challenges your preconceptions in the most productive and collegial way so that you unconsciously find yourself discarding old ideas and considering new ones. The result is almost always a better product or a more effective approach than the one you started with. He’s a great visual and verbal communicator who takes pride in his work. He’ll never give a client anything less than the best he’s capable of.

— Phil M., Senior VP at CounterPoint Strategies

Noah is an incredibly versatile talent and was able to apply a wide range of approaches to our creative department. He is also a top-notch writer and editor and there was no aspect of copy or composition that he couldn’t tackle expertly. He has a very keen eye all around and could easily adapt to different, nuanced conceptual approaches. To borrow a baseball metaphor, he could play every position on the field.

— Jim M., CEO of CounterPoint Strategies

Noah has been very thorough with the work he has done on our website. From concept to execution, he has met deadlines, stayed on budget and provided excellent guidance on all aspects of the project. I highly recommend him to other clients.

— Graham F., Founder/CEO of Korora Partners

Noah has an incredible grasp on how to take a customer’s vision (or vague concepts in my case) to a reality and make things look and sound better than I thought possible. I get frequent positive customer comments about my company’s branding, copywriting, and design and all of the credit should go to Noah. On top of that, Noah is great to work with: very responsive, on top of things, and delivers high-quality work on a consistent basis.

— Phil K., Founder/Owner of Ashland Leather